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Sunday School

Sundays, September 25–Mid June, from 10:10 to 10:50 a.m.

Download the 2016–2017 Sunday School Registration Form.

Overview and Objective

The Sunday School program is designed to be a Christian education continuum taking children 3 years old through high school on a natural progression through age-appropriate subject matter to end up with a comprehensive appreciation of classic Old and New Testament Stories; a basic understanding of what it means to be a Christian and specifically an Episcopalian; a working knowledge of the Bible; the ability to make connections between scripture, Christian traditions and ordinary life; an understanding of where and how we fit into the global Christian community; and the knowledge of what it means to live a saintly life and how we can emulate such behavior.


Please register your child(ren) by completing a Sunday School Registration Form available outside the church office and on the Children's Ministries table in the Narthex. In an effort to ensure our records are up to date, we are requesting all children register this year, even if you registered in previous years. All children are welcome!


Young Saints (3-year-olds and young 4-year-olds) - room 148

Pre K and Kindergarten - room 149

First Grade - room 151

Second Grade - room 313

ThirdFourth Grade - room 310

FifthSixth Grade - room 311

SeventhEighth Grade - Library

Ninth–Twelfth Grade - Rodman House (lower level)

Young Saints–Sixth Grade

This program year we will be utilizing the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum developed by the Virginia Theological Seminary. This three-year curriculum offers a sequence of topics that include the Bible, Sacraments, and historical events in the Church. For the 2016–2017 program year we will explore the Shell Curriculum, which focuses on Baptism.


In addition to the formation offerings, several special enrichment events occur throughout the year including:

All Saints Day Celebration

Epiphany Pageant – Festival of Lights

8-week Study of the Holy Eucharist

Christian Seder Meal

Walk through Holy Week

Seventh–Twelfth Grade 

Seventh and Eighth Grades will be using the Dive Devotions book for teens; Youth explore stories of the Bible and discuss how we live and grow in faith.

The High School class will be focusing on lessons from the Bible—based on Sunday morning worship—as it relates to our everyday lives.

Questions? Contact the Rev. Margaret Peel.