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Wellness and Spirituality Forum

Sundays, January 5–February 16 2020

Church of the Holy Comforter
543 Beulah Road, NE 
Vienna, VA 22180
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Sundays from 10:10 to 11 a.m. in the Ministry Center

Sunday, January 5

Coffee with the Clergy

All are welcome, especially newcomers, for coffee and conversation with our clergy. Bring your questions, concerns, and comments. Nothing is off the table! We want to hear what you're thinking.

Sunday, January 12

Jesus as Fully Human:  The Spirituality of the Incarnation

Join parishioner Laura M. Hogan, art historian, for a lively discussion of the humanity of Jesus through art. Looking at paintings and sculpture, we will see how revolutionary the idea of God becoming human really was two thousand years ago, and how Christians have wrestled with what "fully human" means ever since. As a group, we will reflect on how we personally understand Jesus' humanity, and how contemplating His experience as one of us can deepen our spiritual lives today.

Sunday, January 19

Envisioning Sustainability

Join us for the sharing of the draft sustainability plan for Holy Comforter. The Vestry has heard it and is supportive of the concepts and will be helping us finalize at the next meeting our working plan and commitments for the next year, 10 years, and 30 years. How do we support our congregation and one another in being better stewards of the gift of this planet for ourselves and for future generations? Your feedback is welcome.

Sundays, January 26–February 16

Practical Spirituality Forums

It’s a new year, it’s a new decade! Time to be intentional about deepening your relationship with God. To prepare for Lent, we will offer a series of forums on a variety of spiritual practices—hence the title, Practical Spirituality. Did you know there are at least 65 ways to pray? Come learn about Lectio Divina, Centering Prayer, and more. Fill up your spiritual tool kit! Experience the light of Christ and learn to rest in the mysterious power of God’s love for us. Questions? Contact the Rev. Ann Gillespie.

  • Sunday, January 26: What is Spirituality? - Spirituality is a word we use frequently, but have you stopped to think about what it really means or how it applies to your daily life? Join us for an Adult Forum that will explore the concept of spirituality and spiritual practices. It’s the introductory session for this series that will help "Go Deeper with God," in preparation for Lent and beyond. You’ll come away with a better idea of what it means to be on a spiritual path, along with helpful tips for improving your own spiritual practices. Questions? Contact Tamera Siminow.
  • Sunday, February 2: Many Ways to Pray - Most of us pray regularly in one form or another, but many of us feel that we don’t know much about how to pray or the different types of prayer. Join us for the second in our series, during which we’ll explore what prayer is, the different types of prayer, and how prayer can help you lead a life of balance. You’ll come away with a fresh look at your life-long practice, along with tips for trying  types of prayer you may not have considered before. Questions?  Contact Tamera Siminow.
  • Sunday, February 9: Lectio Divina (with the Rev. Ann Gillespie) - This forum will offer an experience of Lectio Divina or Holy Reading. It is an opportunity to be led by the Spirit as we meditate on different Bible passages. This is a technique that can be done in a group or on your own. Come experience resting in the arms of our loving God through scripture.
  • Sunday, February 16: Centering Prayer (with the Rev. Jon Strand) - This forum will offer an experience of an early form of Christian contemplation called Centering Prayer. This is an opportunity to learn how to slow down our busy minds and get comfortable sitting in silence with God.