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Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Companionship

By Appointment

The Reverend Kathy Guin“You’re in the driver’s seat,” this is the direction that my son received about navigating his career. The partner in the firm went on to adeptly explore this metaphor by painting the picture in many clear ways that we can easily imagine that it’s up to him for finding his way.

This metaphor is helpful for looking at how we navigate our lives and how we approach spiritual direction, “You’re in the driver’s seat for exploring your life. Time set aside each month for seeing where you are now and for looking at where and how God is there to guide you.”

Spiritual direction is a process of navigating your way for deepening your relationship with God through an ongoing conversation with a spiritual mentor, a guide for the journey or from Celtic tradition a “soul friend.”

This week, I received a card giving thanks for the spiritual direction time as a way for helping him “stay connected to all that is important.” If you’d like to learn more about this spiritual practice, please contact the Rev. Kathy Guin to schedule a time for meeting by phone, Facetime, or Zoom.