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From Inclusion to Belonging: Affirming the BTQIA in the Church Today

Thursdays, February 18, March 18, April 22, and May 20, 2021
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

RainbowJoin us on Zoom in a four-part journey as we examine how God’s people are called to instill a sense of belonging in the Church for all LGBTQIA persons. In recent years, the Episcopal Church has made great strides in affirming a place for gays and lesbians in the Church. But what about God’s BTQIA children? Are we willing to similarly affirm and include them in the same manner?

In our journey, we will examine our role in affirming the humanity of and focusing on the challenges faced by transgender persons throughout their lives from childhood, transition, career, in public, and (yes) in the Church. Considering these experiences and systemic exclusion, how does the Church instill a sense of belonging for the entire LGBTQIA community?

  • Thursday, February 18: The ABCs of LGBTQIA and pronouning
  • Thursday, March 18: The Church’s response to Transgender persons
  • Thursday, April 22: The Church’s response (then and now) to the LGBTQIA persons and community
  • Thursday, May 20: The Church’s response to past injustices and new understandings of the LGBTQIA community

Registration is encouraged, but not required. You can register online HERE.

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Meeting ID: 920 6274 2995
Passcode: Q5qPxj


Guide to Being an Ally to Transgender and Nonbinary Youth
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