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Education for Ministry

EfM is a four-year program which delves into Hebrew Scripture, New Testament, Church history, and theology. Interspersed are readings on the authority of scripture, Christian ethics, and telling your story of faith. You commit to one year at a time.

The format is a small group of six to twelve people, who may be in any of the four years. You read texts, discuss, pray together, break bread, and learn to interpret the world around you through the eyes of faith. Sessions are facilitated by trained mentors—Holy Comforter parishioners who have completed the course and receive in-depth facilitator training from the University of the South (Sewanee), which produces the program.


Year 1: Hebrew Bible Year 2: New Testament Year 3: Church History      
Hebrew Bible New Testament Christian History      
Year 4: Theology, Ethics, and Interfaith Encounter
Theology: A Very Brief Introduction by David Ford
Mysteries of Faith by Mark McIntosh
The Christian Moral Life by Timothy F. Sedgewick
My Neighbor’s Faith by Jennifer Howe Peace et al
In addition, two books are read in common by all students. The Reading and Reflection
Guide provides the focus and theme for the year. The theme for 2016–17 is “Living
Our Journey Into God.”


Questions? Contact the Rev. Valerie Hayes; Judy Kilkenny or Judith Bowers for the Friday group; and Norma Williamson for the Sunday group. Download an EfM Fact Sheet.