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Adult Forum

Sunday Mornings at 10:10 a.m. in McGill Hall

February 4: Epiphany V
Looking at Mark 1:29-39, we will explore the ways Jesus’ healing ministry guides the healing work of the Church today.

Led by Norma Williamson

“Jesus ‘came and took her by the hand and lifted her up. Then the fever left her.’ The power of touch, of intimacy, of nearness, to make whole: Jesus must have understood that which we are too often too slow to comprehend. Love not expressed, love not felt, is difficult to trust. Theologically speaking, that is the reason for incarnation.” Excerpt by the Rev. Dr. P.C. Enniss, Trinity Presbyterian Church.
Link to scripture HERE. Download the Resource Sheet HERE.

February 11: Transfiguration Sunday
Explore the transfiguration story in the Gospel of Mark as affirming Jesus’ mission and as calling us to follow in the way of the cross.

Led by Frances Sullinger

“Mark recounts the transfiguration as an event that is for the disciples and is told through their eyes: Jesus leads Peter, James, and John up the mountain and is transfigured 'before them.'  The whole scene is addressed to any disciple struggling to see, hear, comprehend, and believe the gospel reality.” Excerpt by Dr. Stanley P. Saunders, Columbia Theological Seminary.
Link to scripture HERE. Download the Resource Sheet HERE.

February 18: Lent I
Through the relationship between God and Noah in Genesis Chapter 9, we will explore the implications of God’s everlasting covenant with every living creature and all generations.

Led by Frances Sullinger

“The God revealed here is adaptable, touched to the heart by creation, and willing to accept hurt to keep hope alive. The God declaring this covenant is not an objective judge meting out a just sentence, but a lover grieved to the heart at the beloved’s violence, yet still seeking reconciliation.” Excerpt by William Loyd Allen, Ph.D., Mercer University, McAffee School of Theology.

Link to scripture HERE. Download the Resource Sheet HERE.

February 25: Lent II
Annual Parish Meeting (No Adult Forum)
Please explore Mark 8:31–38 using the links to online resources. This passage recounts Jesus’ rebuke of Peter and then his call for disciples to take up the cross and follow him.

"Mark has put this teaching moment of Jesus with his disciples at the center of his Gospel. Doing so, he reminds
us that the first call Jesus made to others was not to be apostles or to be ordained or even to be members in
the church, but simply to be his disciples, taking responsibility for going on their own journeys of faith with
the living God. During Lent we are wise to ponder the picture of Jesus on the road to Jerusalem, calling all his
disciples to take up our own crosses and to walk with him in paths of love and service." From Pastoral Perspective by Paul C. Shupe.

Link to scripture HERE. Download the Resource Sheet HERE.