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Altar Guild

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Under the direction of the Rector, the Altar Guild is the ministry of preparing and maintaining the altar, sacred vessels, linens, and vestments for our worship services. The Altar Guild performs a “silent” ministry to our Parish, offering our service to glorify God.

Working in teams, usually one week per month, the Altar Guild prepares worship spaces for all usual and special services including weddings, memorials, ordinations, baptisms, confirmations, and funerals. Altar Guild members work in the Sacristies to prepare the elements to be used in the Eucharistic service (bread, wine, chalice, paten, linens) and in the sacred spaces to place fair linen on the Altar, and flowers and candles to enhance our worship. At the conclusion of each service, members reverently clean and put away all items used, taking care to specially treat remaining consecrated elements. Members also work at home to launder linens. The Altar Guild works closely with the Rector and Lay Ministers, complementing the ministry of the Word and Sacraments.