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Adult Congregational Survey Results and Summary
Youth Congregational Survey Results and Summary
Discernment Committee Report for Parish Meeting 05-21-2017

The Discernment Committee charged with undertaking a search for our next Rector has been busy over the past few months. During this formative period we have been busy learning about our responsibilities, discussing our approach, meeting with the Diocese, participating in a spiritual discernment retreat, and developing our plans for the search.

The Discernment Committee members are:

  • Lynne Brents
  • John Davison, Alternate
  • Andrew Eastman, Chair
  • Ed Hussey
  • Denis McMullan
  • Lolly Mixter
  • Carl Riedy
  • Frances Sullinger, Vice Chair
  • Don Webster
  • Norma Williamson

Our purpose as set out by the Diocese is to:

  • Discern where the parish has been, where it is today, and where God is calling it to be in the future.
  • See what kinds of gifts and graces are already present at the parish that can move it to where God is calling it to be.
  • Identify those gifts and skills we will need in our next rector (augmenting what we already have) to assist us in this process.
  • Develop a portfolio for candidates to understand where our future lies—our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the parish.
  • Assess applicants and invite candidates into conversation with us as we seek “The One” the Holy Spirit is leading to us.

The Diocese has encouraged us and we have wholeheartedly agreed that we should adopt a spiritual discernment approach for this effort. Along with the Vestry and you, we will be using this approach to open our hearts, minds, and ears to hear what God is telling us. You can learn about spiritual discernment by following the link here.

Discernment Committee members will be in the Narthex regularly after the Saturday service and between services on Sundays wearing red name badges and staffing a red-cloaked information table. We would enjoy speaking with you about the process and the committee’s work.

We will be in regular dialog with you. Your input is essential. We will be sending monthly communications across multiple media to keep you abreast of our progress.

In order for the spiritual discernment approach to work, we all need to be in prayer and communion with God to allow Him the space to speak to us. We ask that you pray for what direction you feel God is calling us, recognizing the many wonderful gifts and blessings that we already have and on which we can build. But also understanding that God may be calling us in new directions.

The calling of a new Rector is perhaps the most important decision that we as a parish have faced for many years and we need time to work through the process. We anticipate that it will take between 12 to 15 months before we have a new Rector in place but with God’s help and your prayers we can do this together.

The Discernment Committee

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