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All-Parish Shrine Mont Retreat 2019

Several conversations have taken place between our Church Administrator, Peggy Miller; the Wardens; and the Clergy about the annual All-Parish Shrine Mont Retreat. Sadly, we think we need to cancel it for this year. Given that we are not yet holding worship in our own building, it seems hard to justify gathering the congregation (or those brave enough to come) at Shrine Mont for a whole weekend, considering the typical Shrine Mont activities (i.e., communal meals, porch gatherings, large and small group discussions, worship with song, as well as letting kids run free during unstructured time).

The restrictions we would have to impose and enforce would make for a radically different Shrine Mont experience and yet still a highly risky one, particularly considering how many folks over 60 come to the retreat. We should also note that the Bishop has already decided to move the Annual Diocesan Convention and the October Clergy/Spouse/Lay Professionals Conference to an online venue for this year.

Clearly Shrine Mont is struggling to stay afloat and could use support during this time. Our Junior Warden, Christa Hyland had a wonderful suggestion that we all contribute a little something to a Holy Comforter donation for Shrine Mont since we will not be attending this year.

Please consider making a monetary donation to Shrine Mont online HERE (select "Shrine Mont 2020" from the dropdown menu). This will be a great way to show our support for Shrine Mont as a parish. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

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